Readers are reporting issues with Revolution On The Rock: "I struggled to put it down."

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Revolution on the Rock by Karren Ablaze

Revolution on The Rock

by Karren Ablaze!


The City is Ablaze by Karren Ablaze

The City is Ablaze!

by Karren Ablaze!


Ablaze Fanzine

Ablaze! 11

The amazing comeback issue!e

Sale price £1

Ablaze Fanzine Issue 10

Ablaze! 10

             including the Cornershop record!


Ablaze Fanzine issue 7

Ablaze! 7

including Stretchheads and Kilgore Trout flexi!


Ablaze Fanzine issue 9

Ablaze! 9

Including the Wedding Present flexi!



Ablaze! 8

Including the Pavement flexi!


Ablaze Fanzine Issue 6

Ablaze! 6

including Nerve Rack, Edsel Auctioneer flexi!


ABLAZE Fanzine Issue 5

Ablaze! 5

Out of Stock


Ablaze Fanzine Issue 4

Ablaze! 4

Cover design by William Potter


Ablaze Fanzine Issue 1

Ablaze! 1

Out of Stock


Ablaze Fanzine Issue 3

Ablaze! 3

Out of Stock


Commemorative Plate

Commemorative Plate

by Karren Ablaze! and Geraldine Montgomerie


Ablaze Fanzine Issue 2

Ablaze! 2

Original zine from 1988!


Coping Saw album cover

Outside Now CD

by Coping Saw