Towards the end of last year I found that I wasn’t able to fulfill all the tasks involved in running the project and the magazine and do my day jobs too, so I have divided the work up into five areas which I am offering out as formal, although currently unpaid, positions (we should be able to provide some expenses). If you want to spend some time running the project, setting up and exhibition, being a press officer, or designing or editing a national magazine, now is your chance.
To apply for any of these roles please send a CV and an email explaining why you want to do this job and the kind of experience you have, to The deadline for applications is noon GMT on 16th March 2015, and I will be available in the UK 21st – 28th March to speak with successful applicants.

More info:,

1. Dismantling Lad Culture Project Manager
This role involves overseeing the whole project: exhibitions, compilation LPS, Banter Kill magazine. possible TV work, workshops, and other forms the project may take.
You would be working with musicians and record labels, TV producers, the NUS and other agencies in order to raise awareness of, and dismantle, lad culture in the UK. You would be able to contact and work with interested individuals and agencies, and recruit other people to help you. Good organisational and communication skills, innovation and focus would be key qualities to have to fulfil this role.

2. Regional exhibition managers
In this role you would set up a Dismantling Lad Culture exhibition in your town or city. This would involve liaising with the project manager, sourcing materials (provided by contributors to the project), booking gallery space and overseeing the exhibition as it takes place, and working with the PR person to publicise the event. These exhibitions could also be combined with gigs, talks, workshops and other creative events. Experience of hosting exhibitions or art events/gigs would be great.

3. DLC / Banter Kill PR person
This position involves promoting the project and the magazine on- and offline. You would be promoting DLC and Banter Kill to press, radio, TV as appropriate, updating the websites, and posting facebook and twitter updates. PR experience would be preferable.

4. Magazine editor(s)
This role involves liaising with contributors and designers to bring the magazine to fruition within a deadline. You would be working as part of a team, with contributors, designers, proof readers and a managing editor/publisher. Any kind of magazine publishing experience, excellent written English, and experience with DTP packages such as InDesign are desirable.

5. Magazine designer(s)
This role involves typesetting, laying out and designing magazine pages. You would need a good working knowledge of Photoshop and a DTP package such as InDesign.

Contributors and artists:

Writers, artists, film makers, photographers, musicians, poets, all manner of creative people are continually welcome to contribute art around the subject of lad culture and misogyny.
To discuss making contributions of art, writing, music etc please write to us at

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