Mittens On Publishing is launching a new imprint: Mittens On Health

Karren has a reputation for being a radical force at the edges of the music industry, and some her recent experiences have moved her to take up the same position with regard to health industries. This new imprint challenges entrenched beliefs and taboos in the spheres of health and well-being, kicking off with two titles – The Carrot Cure, about Karren’s own experience of curing an allegedly incurable condition, and Three Minus One, a multi-authored book which faces the painful subject of baby loss, in order to break the silence and facilitate emotional healing.

Mittens On Publishing will continue to bring you books about music that you can relate to and treasure. Click to the left to see what’s available from Mittens On Health, and click to the right for the Mittens On Publishing music catalogue.

Kristin Hersh limited edition vinyl

Heliospheric Records presents two acoustic songs by Kristin Hersh – ‘Sundrops’ and ‘The Cuckoo’ – recorded for an unbroadcast radio programme and released on limited edition sea-blue vinyl


Mittens On Publishing, the brainchild of writer and cultural protagonist Karren Ablaze!, is an international DIY publishing operation.

Its first publications are Mark Burgess’ autobiography, View From A Hill, Karren Ablaze!’s debut book, The City Is Ablaze!, The Story Of a Post-Punk Popzine 1984-1994, and a fanzine collaboration between Karren and Geraldine Montgomerie Greenwood, entitled Commemorative Plate. More titles are scheduled for 2015.