Hey! Happy 2016!

This is the thing. I have loads of ideas floating round my head and I keep meaning to blog them at you, but their numerousness and my perfectionism means I have been doing exactly nada about it. So the blogs on here have been intermittent, to say the least. But now they’re going to be less into Mittens (On). They’re going to get personal!

Thank you for if you did the survey! I loved your answers and will write about them soon. After I did that I realised something – it’s not really about me finding out what people want and then creating it. It’s about me knowing what I want to create, and then creating it. So that is going to be the dynamic of Mittens On/whatever I do. Pretty soon I’m going to rearrange the site so it is about the things I do rather than what Mittens On does, cos let’s face it, it only publishes about one thing a year. One person (plus an amazing team!) can only do so much big project publishing in between all the life stuff that happens, and I have had a bad habit of doing too much and making myself sick, which only slows things down.

Here are some of the things I am planning to do this year:

  • Get myself better
  • Set up that new website I just mentioned
  • Write my novel
  • Launch a new imprint and publish Three Minus One (ed. Sean Hanish and Brooke Warner) and The Carrot Cure (written by me)
  • Find an assistant to help me with this and other publishing tasks
  • Fight against the TTIP and other trade deals that badly threaten life on earth
  • Develop a more beneficial political worldview
  • Put together a zine called WITCHES! about health and personal power
  • Do more spoken word stuff, quite possibly about DIY and self-confidence
  • Engage in more of those life-changing meetings of minds that I have when I see my girl-friends or do interviews
  • Maybe do another edition of Ablaze! fanzine – let’s see how the time goes
  • Work with some amazing artists!! I am excited about the possibilities of visual art in my publishing
  • Learn how to use Twitter (I know…) and InDesign and learn more about WordPress
  • Do some traveling, but do it differently
  • And take things very very easy.

Or I might just do a Lemmy and pop my clogs – that’s always an option for everyone anytime. But this list might give you an idea of where I am at and why I want to use this blog for expressing exactly that. So look out for more irregularly-timed posts about anything at all.

I look forward to contributing to the hive mind experience that we have here on the grand old internet!

Lots of love,

Karren Ablaze!

Me and Mittens at New Year

Here’s me and Mittens wishing you a Happy New Year!