Yup, that’s what we’re calling the magazine. Thanks to everyone who has been tweeting about it! Lad culture was started by magazines, and now we’re seizing power by creating our own. 

What we need now are photographers and graphic designers to help us make it look amazing, and also a PR person to help with the launch. Please tell us about your skills and those of your friends. There is still time for new writers and artists to get involved. And we are looking for organisations that might want to advertise in the mag.

The print edition will be launched in the UK, probably in Leeds and London – though you are very welcome to set up a launch event in your town. Publication date: 24th September.

The BANTER KILL website will soon be up, thanks to ace web designer Hannah Morgan at Cognitive Dissonance.

We are looking at a print run of 5000. The plan is for the magazine to be distributed through student union shops and up to 900 shops in the UK. It won’t be in WHSmith – but then neither will we. It will also be for sale online, along with 3-issue subscriptions, and you are welcome to distro it yourselves too by buying bundles of half price copies off us and selling them to your friends/communities. You can then ­­use the profit for your own project (or spend it on pizza, we don’t mind!).

The indiegogo campaign to pay for the printing will be online soon. STAY TUNED.


Source: Dismantling Lad Culture