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If you want to sell Ablaze! at gigs, in your shop or just get a load of copies for you and your friends, here’s your chance with this amazing offer – 7 copies at half price – you keep whatever you make on selling them – plus a free copy for you, and we’re also throwing in free postage for a limited time.

Please contact us if you want other quantities, or select multiples of this offer.

The zine is a 60 page A4 full colour extravaganza packed full of interviews with Sleaford Mods, Viv Albertine, Peaches, Kate Nash, Laetitia Sadier, Katie Harkin, The Dismemberment Plan, Slum Of Legs, Cowtown, Loveydove, Trepat and Esper Scout. It also features pieces on DIY Versus Austerity, political encouragement from Thee Faction, the complete works of Jeffrey Lewis analysed, riot grrrl and spirituality, indie music in India, behind the scenes at Norman Records, live reviews of Kate Bush, Sleater-Kinney, Joanna Gruesome, Duran Duran, The Three Johns, and record reviews of Cabaret Voltaire, The Pastels and loads more.

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