Melinda Buttle, co-host of The Great Australian Bake Off, posted a challenge on Twitter: “Name your craft beer! Use Your Own Name ex: Erica's Elixir This is your creation!

It’s the job your granddad did plus a word you don’t fully understand. Then you know how hard it is to come up with names for your brews that haven’t already been taken by the millions of others in your shoes. A few days ago, Australian comedian and Great Australian Bake Off co-host Mel Buttle fired off this simple formula via her Twitter account: "Name your craft beer! Let Wordlab now pour you a nice, heady pint of 2,474,160 craft beer names. Keep it Simple ex: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sometimes it is okay to stick to the basics and use something generic.

Hazy IPA Beer Name Generator. Craft Beer Brand Name Generator Are you an artisinal craft beer brewer? By Dustin Miller on Jul. Helping you easily generate the world's most marketable beer names! Their overall identity centers around a robot illustration and is supported by beer … Combine your name with words to make an alliteration, or perhaps make a beer pun out of your name. EXAMPLE: Tin Man Brewing Co. has a great name that lends itself to broader brand strategy. 10. Let everyone know by using your name. Take this “quiz” and discover your beer name… Note: These beer names are for fun (and not all versions are guaranteed to not offend); if your beer name sucks…in genuine Canadian fashion, The Craft Beer Name Generator creates random craft beer names using two types of generators 1) a learning neural network trained with tens of thousands of existing craft beer names and 2) a hand-crafted algorithm that constructs craft beer names using random words.

This list could have gone on forever.

Think about your flagship beers and how their names can further enhance your overall brand name and story. 22, 2018 .

9. For more craft beer awesomeness, make sure you catch the Season 2 premiere of Brew Dogs, airing June 25 at 9|8c, only on Esquire Network.